• Prey is running well, we need to stock up though.
• Herb supply is running low. We need catmint, and parsley.
• Help us recruit new members! Tell your friends, family, etc.



New Clan Members!

Greetings, Cliffclan! I would like to welcome some new fellow clanmates of yours. We have Minnowpaw, Redwing, Ivyleaf, and Cougarleap all joining us today!

Ravenstar: "Redwing, Ivyleaf and Cougarleap please step forward."

*cats step forward onto high cliff*

Ravenstar: "I, Ravenstar, call upon my warrior ancestors to look after these fellow warriors. They've all agreed to the rules and trained properly. Do you, Redwing, agree to the warrior code?"

Redwing: "I do."

Ravenstar: "And you, Ivyleaf?"

Ivyleaf: "Yes."

Ravenstar: "Cougarleap?"

Cougarleap: "Yes, Ravenstar."

Ravenstar: "Then by the power of Starclan, I welcome you three into Cliffclan."

"Redwing! Ivyleaf! Cougarleap!"

Ravenstar: "Now, I would like to ask Lilypetal to come and join me up here."

*Lilypetal pads forward*

Ravenstar: "I hear you are ready for an apprentice, yes?"

Lilypetal: "Yes, Ravenstar, I am."

Ravenstar: "Then I would like to ask Minnowpaw to come and join me up here as well."

Ravenstar: "Minnowpaw, do you accept the challenges and tasks that come with being a medicine cat?"

Minnowpaw: "I do."

Ravenstar: "Lilypetal, do you wish to take on Minnowpaw as your apprentice?"

Lilypetal: "Yes."

Ravenstar: "Then by the power of Starclan, Minnowpaw is offically medicine cat apprentice!"

"Minnowpaw! Minnowpaw! Minnowpaw!"

Ravenstar: "Meeting dismissed."


  1. Ivyleaf allowed herself one of her rare smiles. Clan life was promising to be far more inviting than the cruel rogue tribes of the twolegplace.

    Her brother closed his eyes and let the warmth of being part of a Clan soak in. Cougarleap then looked around and spotting Ravenstar, strode towards her.
    'Thanks you, Ravenstar, for welcoming us into CliffClan. We are grateful to be a part of this bond."

  2. Ravenstar turned her head to face the new warrior.
    "Don't thank me, Cougarleap. I am grateful to have warriors like yourselves in this Clan." She bowed her head in approval.
    "Feel free to explore the territory and practise some hunting, I'm going to need you two on border patrol this evening." She smiled slightly, looked around at the new cats and padded off to her den.

  3. Cougarleap watched Ravenstar's sleek form disappear into her den. He shook his pelt and turned away, confused with the thoughts entering his mind.

    [lol sorry, I just kinda want to add a subtle drama.]