• Prey is running well, we need to stock up though.
• Herb supply is running low. We need catmint, and parsley.
• Help us recruit new members! Tell your friends, family, etc.



New Clan Members!

Greetings, Cliffclan! I would like to welcome some new fellow clanmates of yours. We have Minnowpaw, Redwing, Ivyleaf, and Cougarleap all joining us today!

Ravenstar: "Redwing, Ivyleaf and Cougarleap please step forward."

*cats step forward onto high cliff*

Ravenstar: "I, Ravenstar, call upon my warrior ancestors to look after these fellow warriors. They've all agreed to the rules and trained properly. Do you, Redwing, agree to the warrior code?"

Redwing: "I do."

Ravenstar: "And you, Ivyleaf?"

Ivyleaf: "Yes."

Ravenstar: "Cougarleap?"

Cougarleap: "Yes, Ravenstar."

Ravenstar: "Then by the power of Starclan, I welcome you three into Cliffclan."

"Redwing! Ivyleaf! Cougarleap!"

Ravenstar: "Now, I would like to ask Lilypetal to come and join me up here."

*Lilypetal pads forward*

Ravenstar: "I hear you are ready for an apprentice, yes?"

Lilypetal: "Yes, Ravenstar, I am."

Ravenstar: "Then I would like to ask Minnowpaw to come and join me up here as well."

Ravenstar: "Minnowpaw, do you accept the challenges and tasks that come with being a medicine cat?"

Minnowpaw: "I do."

Ravenstar: "Lilypetal, do you wish to take on Minnowpaw as your apprentice?"

Lilypetal: "Yes."

Ravenstar: "Then by the power of Starclan, Minnowpaw is offically medicine cat apprentice!"

"Minnowpaw! Minnowpaw! Minnowpaw!"

Ravenstar: "Meeting dismissed."


Welcome to CliffClan!

Hello, all.

Welcome to CliffClan! Here, we thrive in the depths of the cliffs and feed off rabbits, squirrels, and anything else we happen to find while hunting.

My name is Ravenstar and I am the leader of this Clan. I run this Clan with our trusty deputy, [deputy name here] and our lovely Medicine Cat, Lilypetal. Please try to be kind to us as we work hard to make sure all Clan members are safe and healthy.

I, Ravenstar, give the orders around here. I send out patrols and hunting teams every morning and evening, which consist of several warriors and some apprentices. I also make sure everything runs smoothly throughout our Clan, and I select which warriors will be mentors to the apprentices.

Greetings, everyone.  I am your medicine cat, Lilypetal, and am proud to serve the clan.  I try my best to heal you all.  At times, I may need assistance by my apprentice, [medicine cat apprentice name here]. Also, I may need help gathering herbs so I expect some help every once and awhile.

There are many dangerous things out here, such as twolegs, dogs, and many other things. Stay away from twoleg place. They have kidnapped cats in the past. To avoid being kidnapped, do not go near twolegplace. If you accidentally come across a twoleg, run away as fast as you can. If it tries to touch you, bite and claw at it, and proceed run away and hide. If you see a dog, climb up the nearest tree, because the dog won't be able to follow you.

Also, DO NOT go near the edge of the cliff. It is very very slippery and dangerous. Stay away from it. There are lots of pointy rocks and water below it and you WILL die if you fall over the edge. There is no way of getting back up.

As you know, kits are NOT allowed to leave camp.  Apprentices, however, must be accompanied by a warrior. No apprentice may go out alone unless asked. As for elders, you are free to roam the territory as you please.

If any cat sees something unusual inside or along the border of the territory, please immediately report it to Ravenstar or the deputy.

Please read the rules and guidelines before joining and posting! Thank you!

- R A V E N S T A R & L I L Y P E T A L

Cliff's Edge

This is the edge of the cliff. STAY AWAY FROM HERE. Some cats in the past have fallen off the edge. And when you fall off, you die. All cats are forbidden from coming here.

The Stream

This is the stream by our camp, where cats love to come and bathe and catch fish every once and awhile.  Be careful though that you don't fall in!

Training Hollow

Up on your right is the training hollow, where apprentices train daily to broaden their experience towards fighting.

Elder's Den

Welcome to the Elder's Den! Here is where all the retired warriors stay. Maybe, if you're lucky, you might be able to hear a tale or two about the past.

Apprentice's Den

Welcome to the Apprentice's den! When a kit reaches 6 moons, he/she will move on to the apprentice den and further their studies onto becoming a warrior.


This here is the Nursery.  Queens who are about to give birth and kits live here. Oh! Watch out for the hyper kits... 

Warrior's Den

Welcome to the Warrior's den! Our lovely warriors and deputy sleep and hang out here, amongst the bushes and trees. Kits and apprectices are forbidden to be inside here!

Medicine Cat's Den

Our lovely, sweet medicine cat Lilypetal lives here in this well-hidden rocky den. The entrance may be small, but the den itself is quite large. Don't knock over her herb stacks!

Leader's Den

Welcome to the leader's den! Our leader, Ravenstar, makes her home in this cozy, mossy, cave-like den. Be careful when entering, because you'll get hissed at if you wake Ravenstar from her nest!